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Tom Ruddock is a Writer/Director based in London.


He has won multiple awards as well as his work being distributed internationally. 


Most Notably Tom's film 'Runaway' premiered at The Oscar Qualifying Austin Film Festival and was staff picked by Vimeo upon it's release online. Also of note, his film Hello, Again starring Naomi Scott (Aladdin) was Bafta- Longlisted in 2014 also winning Best Film at the Colchester Film Festival along with achieving nearly two million views online. Tom's film 'Jacob's Blessing' was Vimeo Staff Picked in 2020 as well as receiving multiple awards and nominations in festivals. His latest film 'Ben' premiered at the Oscar Qualifying Austin film festival in October 2021.


Tom has also worked with brands such an Unilever, Facebook, Google, Universal Music etc. Tom is well rounded in his film experience as a Director, Writer, Editor and Executive Producer.