Year of production:2015

Running Time: 8 minutes.


'In a split second George is thrown into a nightmare. Now confronted with a choice, to stay or to run' 

Starring Jack Brett Anderson (Genius Picasso, WolfBlood, Don't Hang up) and Lucien Laviscount (Snatch, Scream Queens, Waterloo Road)

Written & Directed by Tom.

World Premiered at Austin Film Festival in Texas - October 2015 and more.

Premiered online, through Vimeo staff pick 2017. 

Hello, Again

Year of production:2014

Running Time: 11:34


'After a sleepless night from his Mothers funeral the day before, Owen decides to avoid his father and visit her grave. Through a misunderstanding he meets Maura, who's visiting her recently deceased Father’s grave. Together they try to find a way to connect with the loved ones they’ve lost.'


Starring Jack Brett Anderson (Genius Picasso, WolfBlood, Don't Hang up,) Naomi Scott (Aladdin, Charlies Angels, Powerangers)

Written & directed by Tom.

BAFTA -longlisted in 2015. Plus winning 'Best Film' at Colchester Film Festival.

World Premiered at London Short Film Festival - 2015, US premiere at Newport Beach Film Festival 2015 and more. 

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Kitty Kat Killer
Completed and sold to Shorts TV.

Year of production: 2017
Running Time: 15 minutes.

''When Eileen scored a date with YouTube Sensation Evan Owens, she dreamed of followers, likes and romance. But then she killed his cat #awks"

Starring Samantha Boscarino (God's not Dead 3, The Clique,) and Craig Vye (Hollyoaks) 

Written and directed by Tom Ruddock.
Jacob's Blessing.
Completed and sent to Festivals.

Year of Production: 2019
Running time: 18mins

Jacob, a young homeless man is striving to change his situation. After countless failed job applications he has his one shot to turn his life around. But with a race against time and his past history lingering, he faces more than just making one good impression. What lies deep within him can either make a change for good or a change for the worse. Nothing is set in stone.

Written & Directed by Tom Ruddock.
Sunshine TV Show Concept
SUNSHINE, a cathartic comedy created by Matthew Mills.
Recently selected to pitch at TV Pitchbox London.

Peter Preston the unemployed and homeless antihero -depressed because he’s not Jack Bauer.

Pitch Bible completed with accompanied short trailer of pilot episode completed.
Written by Matthew Mills, Tom Ruddock and Matthew Colthart.

Directed by Tom Ruddock and Adam Thompson.
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